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Alkalinity P

Alkalinity P and Alkalinity M (Total Alkalinity) are important tests in boiler water treatment control where the pH of water is over 8.5. It is usually reported in mg/l as Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).
Alkalinity P is the alkalinity of the water to pH 8.3 and uses a phenolphalein based indicator. The reading obtained represents the alkalinity due to hydroxides plus half the alkalinity due to carbonates.


MiniKit Type Range Method

414140 Tablet Count 20-500 mg/l CaCO3; 0.2-5 mmol/l

414150 Tablet Count 20-500 mg/l CaCO3

56K004001 Drop Test 200-2400 mg/l

56K004101 Drop Test 0.25-6.0%

56K004201 Drop Test 50-600 mg/l

56K004301 Drop Test 250-6000 mg/l
Photometer Code Type Wave length Range
210070 Multi Direct 5-500 mg/l
214020 MD 600 5-300 mg/l
712000 Spectrophotometer 5-300 mg/l
214025 MD 610 5-300 mg/l
214140 5-300 mg/l
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