Lovibond® Water Testing Tintometer® Group

Nitrogen Total

Total Nitrogen is a measure of the total Nitrogenous compounds within a sample. It includes all organic and inorganic Nitrogen compounds and is an important parameter for effluent treatment.
Colourimetric TN analysis invlolves heating the sample with an oxidant to digest the Nitrogen compounds. The vial is then analysed in a photometer.


Photometer Code Type Wave length Range
2418940 Thermoreactor 100 ° C 0-50 mg/l
210070 Multi Direct 0.5-25 mg/l; 5-150 mg/l
712000 Spectrophotometer 0.5-14; 0.5-25; 5-140; 5-150 mg/l
214100 Waste Water 5-150 mg/l N
712100 Waste Water 5-150 mg/l N
214025 MD 610 0.5-25 mg/l; 5-150 mg/l
214140 0.5-25 mg/l; 5-150 mg/l
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