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Chlorine (total)

Total Chlorine
Chlorine is the most popular and widely used of the disinfectants. The chlorination of water supplies, swimming pools and cooling tower waters are but a few of the everyday applications.

Free Chlorine (hypochlorous acid) reacts with Ammonia and certain nitrogenous compounds to form Combined Chlorine. With Ammonia, the reaction produces chloramines which have very little disinfecting power, thus it is important to be able to determine the various fractions of Chlorine present at any one time. Together, the Free Chlorine and Combined Chlorine constitute the Total Chlorine present.

Concentrations of up to 10 mg/l can be measured using DPD reagents. The DPD method can differentiate Free, Combined and Total Chlorine.

Potassium Iodide reagent is used to determine concentrations of up to 300 mg/l and represents the Total Chlorine only. A list of compatible equipment can be found below.

For equipment and kits based on the DPD method please click here.


MiniKit Type Range Method

56K005501 Drop Test 0.2-15%

56K005601 Drop Test 0.01-15%

56K005701 Drop Test 100-2400mg/l
Comparator Kits
TestKit Type Designation Test / Range

147030 Checkit Comparator CHECKIT® Comparator Chlorine High Range 10-300 mg/l

155360 Test Block Chlorine High Range Checkit AF536 10-160 mg/l

411000 Comparator 2000 AF100 Water Disinfection Kit 5-50 mg/l

411090 Comparator 2000 Chlorine High / Low Range Kit AF110 5-50 mg/l

418880 Comparator 2000 Chlorine High Range AF103 Kit 0-250 mg/l

418881 Comparator 2000 Chlorine High Range Kit AF102 3/2ARP 0-50 mg/l

418883 Comparator 2000 Chlorine High Range Kit AF102 3/2APH 2-10 mg/l
Photometer Code Type Wave length Range
278000 MD 100 3in1 5-200 mg/l
276170 MD100 5-200 mg/l
712000 Spectrophotometer 5-200 mg/l
214020 MD 600 5-200 mg/l
210070 Multi Direct 5-200 mg/l
214025 MD 610 5-200 mg/l
214140 5-200 mg/l
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