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Chlorine (free)

Chlorine is the most popular and widely used of the disinfectants. The chlorination of water supplies, swimming pools and cooling tower waters are but a few of the everyday applications.
Free Chlorine (Hypochlorous Acid) reacts with Ammonia and certain nitrogenous compounds to form Combined Chlorine. With Ammonia, the reaction produces chloramines which have very little disinfecting power, thus it is important to be able to determine the various fractions of Chlorine present at any one time.
Free Chlorine is measured using the DPD No1 reagent which is available in Tablet, Liquid or Powder form.
A list of compatible instrumentation and kits can be found here.


MiniKit Type Range Method

56A006301 Burette Titrator 100-5000mg/l

56K005101 Drop Test 15-300 mg/l

56K005201 Drop Test 1-30 mg/l
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