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Chemical Oxygen Demand
Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is one of the most important parameters in effluent monitoring and treatment. The COD test is used to predict the requirement an effluent will have for oxygen and hence the effluent’s likely impact on the aquatic life of the receiving water course.
COD can be measured in three ranges. LR (0-150 mg/l) is applicable for final effluents and treated waste water. MR (0-1500 mg/l) is suitable for measuring crude sewages, untreated and partially treated waste water. HR (0-15000) is suitable for monitoring trade effluents.


Photometer Code Type Wave length Range
2418940 Thermoreactor 150 ° C 0-15000 mg/l
210070 Multi Direct 0-150 mg/l; 0-1500 mg/l; 0-15000 mg/l
214025 MD 610 0-150 mg/l; 0-1500 mg/l; 0-15000 mg/l
214140 0-150 mg/l; 0-1500 mg/l; 0-15000 mg/l
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