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NRB is used to detect the presence of nitrite reducing bacteria (NRB), which degrade nitrite based corrosion inhibitors in cooling waters and other fluids. The test consists of a screw-capped glass tube half filled with a selective microbiological culture gel that indicates the presence of nitrite reducing bacteria in an aqueous sample by changing colour from ORANGE to PINK and also by producing gas bubbles. The sample is added to the test bottle which is kept warm (or incubated) usually at approximately30°C for up to seven days. Results are semi quantitative and give an indication of the severity of contamination.

  • Quick, easy and safe to use
  • Simple to read results

Nitrite is commonly used as a corrosion inhibitor in cooling water and some metal working fluids. Some bacteria, which normally use atmospheric oxygen, have the ability to switch to nitrite as an oxygen source when fluids become stagnant. The nitrite is reduced to ammonia or nitrogen gas and the fluid rapidly becomes corrosive. The Lovibond® test has been designed to detect these microbes and can also be used to confirm that de-nitrification is taking place in effluents, sewage etc.


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