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Alkalinity Total M

Alkalinity P and Alkalinity M (Total Alkalinity) are important tests in boiler water treatment control where the pH of water is over 8.5. Results are usually reported in mg/l as Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).
Alkalinity P is the alkalinity of the water to pH 8.3, uses a phenolphalein based indicator and represents the alkalinity due to hydroxides plus half the alkalinity due to carbonates.
Alkalinity M is a measure of the alkalinity of water to pH 4.5 and uses a methyl orange based indicator. Results represent the total alkalinity due to the combined concentration of bicarbonates, carbonates and hydroxides. Total Alkalinity is also an important test in swimming pools as it plays a part in maintaining the water balance.


Stock Code Type Product Name Range

151900 Multi Pool Tester Alkalinity Total M 20-800 mg/l
MiniKit Type Range Method

414130 Tablet Count 10-500 mg/l CaCO3; 0.1-5 mmol/l

414130 Tablet Count 10-500 mg/l CaCO3; 0.1-5 mmol/l

414130 Tablet Count 10-500 mg/l CaCO3; 0.1-5 mmol/l

414130 Tablet Count 10-500 mg/l CaCO3; 0.1-5 mmol/l

414440 Speed Test 20-800 mg/l CaCO3; 0.4-16 mmol/l

56A006301 Burette Titrator 10-2000mg/l

56A006801 DIGI Titrator 10-2000mg/l

56K003601 Drop Test 200-2400 mg/l

56K003701 Drop Test 50-600 mg/l

56K004701 Drop Test 9-540 mg/l
Comparator Kits
TestKit Type Designation Test / Range

147029 Checkit Comparator CHECKIT® Comparator Kit 5 in 1 10-500 mg/l

147450 Checkit Comparator CHECKIT® Comparator Alkalinity Total 20-240 mg/l CaCO3

411290 Comparator 2000 AF129 Balanced Water Kit 10-500 mg/l

411292 Comparator 2000 AF129K Balanced Water Kit 10-500 mg/l

411296 Comparator 2000 AF129CYS Balanced Water Cyanuric Acid Kit 10-500 mg/l
Photometer Code Type Wave length Range
278091 MD 100 Pool 6in1 5-200 mg/l
213070 Pool Direct 5-200 mg/l
214020 MD 600 5-200 mg/l; 5-500mg/l
210070 Multi Direct 5-200 mg/l
2861202 MD 200 Pool 5in1 5-200 mg/l CaCO3
2861902 MD 200 Pool 6in1 5-200 mg/l CaCO3
2862102 MD 200 Pool 6in1 5-200 mg/l
712000 Spectrophotometer 5-200 mg/l
214060 Pool Maxi 600 5-200 mg/l
214025 MD 610 5-200 mg/l; 5-500mg/l
214140 5-200 mg/l; 5-500 mg/l
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