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Pool Testing TDS, pH and Turbidity

The Lovibond® range of pH and TDS meters allows for reliable, digital measurement of pool and spa water.
Micro Direct meters have a robust waterproof, immersible design for use directly in the pool or at the bench.
The SD range have additional data storage capacity and backlit screen for ease of use.

Crystal clear pool water is essential for both safety of and appeal to the bather but how should it be measured? The traditional way is deciding whether the bottom of the pool can be seen at the ‘deep’ end. However, is this sufficient?

Measuring the turbidity of the water would be a more suitable and traceable way of making sure you comply with the PWTAG recommendations of 0.5NTU (Nephlometric Turbidity Units). The Lovibond® TB 210IR Turbidity meter offers a convenient, handheld and easy way of measuring turbidity to ensure you comply to these recommendations and offer a safe swimming environment.

SD Handheld Meters

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Turbidity Testing

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