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Digital Pool Tester

The all new Scuba II now also measures Bromine (0.2-13.5 mg/l Br2) and includes optimised housing and easier handling.

The Scuba's are digital instruments which use a similar technology to that used for pool water testing at municiple pools. Test results are shown on a digital display rather than viewed manually. The units have easy-to-use button keypads. With a robust watertight housing, the Scuba's can be immersed in the pool to collect the water sample. Testing for multiple parameters can be carried out in the same instrument. The Lovibond® Scuba is supplied complete with reagents and instructions for use.

With the Scuba testing range, pool testing becomes a pleasure with more time left to enjoy the pool.

Scuba II wins Golden Wave Award! Read further .....

Free Balanced Water App now available for download.

Product Name


Test Name


Scuba II Pool Tester Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid

Scuba II Pooltester

Alkalinity Total M

0-300 mg/l

Cyanuric Acid

1-160 mg/l

pH Value

6.5-8.4 pH


0.1-6 mg/l


0.2-13.5 mg/l

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