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To ensure years of service out of a pool or spa and to keep users safe, it is essential that water testing is carried out regularly and carefully. This not only guarantees optimum bather comfort and crystal clear pool water but also supports the maintenance of the pool plant; and helps control the usage of pool chemicals.

The Lovibond® range of water testing equipment meets every application and budget. The range includes simple Block Testers for domestic pools through to Visual Comparators and Photometer-based Digital Systems for the more discerning users.  For details on which instrument would be best for your needs, please visit our article or contact us.

The essential routine tests are for the disinfectant levels (normally Chlorine or Bromine), pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness though many opt for the comprehensive Water Balance Kits. With the tried and tested accuracy of the Lovibond® reagents, tests are easy to carry out yet reliable in their results.

The benefits of regular and accurate water testing ensures safety, reduced costs (chemicals are expensive) and, most of all, peace of mind.

The Lovibond® Pool & Spa Testing Range comprises:

Domestic Pool & Spa Testing Kits
Visual Comparator Kits
Automatic Photometers

Meters to test for Turbidity, TDS and pH 
Reagents for all Parameters

A Range of Ancilliaries



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