Lovibond® Water Testing Tintometer® Group


Industrial and residential water treatment requires different, specialized treatment programs to achieve optimum water conditions. Careful water analysis, monitoring and testing to continuously achieve these conditions is often crucial and may even be regulatory.

Lovibond Tintometer specializes in supplying the industry with a wide range of water testing equipment. Application specific test kits are carefully compiled for many standard systems including, but not limited to: boilers; open evaporative cooling systems; closed cooling loops and heating systems. Alternatively, customers may chose from the many 100’s of tests available to construct multi-parameter test kits that best suit the individual testing regimes.

The Lovibond® Industrial Product Range comprises:

A range of bespoke kits for:
    Boiler Water
    Cooling Water
    Cutting Fluid
    Drop Test Kits
    Food & Beverages
    Legionella Prevention
    Non-Oxidising Biocide Kits
    Potable Water
    Resin Softener
    Silk Density Index
    Softener Demonstration
Solutions for Microbiology Testing

Alternatively, it is possible to design and Build Your Own Test Kit from the Lovibond® range of:
Compact Portable Laboratories

Conventional Mobile Laboratories

Upright Mobile Laboratories

Choose a parameter