Lovibond® Water Testing Tintometer® Group

Visual Water Testing Kits

Lovibond® Visual Water Testing Kits are a reliable, easy to use, cost effective solution to water quality monitoring.

Checkit® Test Blocks – Entry level comparator kits. Sample is collected and measured in a single unit with a printed scale for colour matching.

Checkit® Comparator Kits - Basic comparators kits which use discs with printed colour scales.

MiniKits - Titration or Turbidity based kits ideal for rapid, simple analysis of Calcium Hardness, Alkalinity and other titrimetric parameters.

Comparator 2000 Kits - Professional comparator with unique non fade colour discs, single viewing window and accessories including lighting units and bench top stands.

Nessleriser Systems - Based on the Comparator 2000, provide increased sensitivty and lower detection ranges than standard comparator kits.

Refractometers – Visual instruments for Brix and Glycol measurements. Direct readings and quick, clean sample application provide an effective alternative to traditional hydrometer based methods.


CHECKIT® Comparator Kits

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Comparator 2000 Kits and Discs

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CHECKIT® Test Blocks

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Nessleriser Systems

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