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Portable Meters

The SensoDirect 110 range of products are single parameter, portable meters for electrochemical testing. Units for testing pH, Conductivity and Salt are available. The units have large easy-to-read screens, low battery indicator and are easy to calibrate and maintain. They are supplied with all necessary accessories for testing including a rugged protective shell for testing in the field.
The SensoDirect 150 builds on the 110 range and is a multi parameter instrument capable of measuring pH, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen and ORP.

Product Name


Test Name


SD 400 Oxi L

Oxygen Saturation

0-50 mg/l

SensoDirect Con 110

SensoDirect 110


0-1999 µS/cm; 0-19.99 mS/cm

SensoDirect pH 110

SensoDirect 110

pH Value


SensoDirect Salt 110

SensoDirect 110



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