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BOD Analysis

BOD - biochemical oxygen demand - is an expression for the quantity of Oxygen required for biological degredation of organic matter in water

When measured with COD the results can differentiate between biodegradeable and bioloigically non-degradable organic matter.

The Lovibond®BD 600 system measures BOD using the Manometric principle, measuring changes in pressure inside a sealed vessel due to oxygen consumption.

Advantages of this system include:
No requirement for seeded dilution water - only the sample is used in the test
No wires or cabling
Graphic representation of results
Review of live measurement values without interfering with test
Easy to setup and use
Convenient data download via USB or SD card

Product Name


Test Name


BD 600



0-4000 mg/l

BD 606



0-4000 mg/l

BOD Incubator TC 135S


BOD OxiDirect

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