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Visual, CHECKIT®, Meter, Test Strips

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Visual, CHECKIT®, Meter, Test Strips

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Build Your Own Test Kit Case for Colorimetric Analysis and options for Electrochemical Testing and Titration

Grey Case at 39.5 x 29.5 x 10.6cm. Can be populated with foam cut-outs to accommodate the following items:

Note: the equipment and reagents are not supplied as standard with this product and must be purchased separately. Please contact your local Lovibond® supplier for more details

1 x CHECKIT® Comparator
Up to 2 x CHECKIT® Comparator Tests
1 x SD Handheld Meters
Up to 2 x Drop Test Reagent Packs
pH Test Strips
20 ml Syringe
Titration Jar
Crushing Rod
Foam Insert

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