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TTC/MALT - Yeasts, Moulds, Fungi & TVC

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TTC/MALT - Yeasts, Moulds, Fungi & TVC

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The TTC/MALT dipslide allows convenient enumeration of aerobic microorganisms (TVC) as well as fungi, moulds and yeasts in a single test. The dipslide is prepared with nutrient TTC agar on one side (responsive to aerobic microbes) and an acidic malt agar which selects for the growth of yeasts and moulds. The additive in the nutrient agar reacts with enzymes produced in aerobic respiration to produce a colour change from white to red, allowing easy enumeration.

Dipslides are supplied in a cardboard carton containing 10 slides.

TTC/Malt - Yeast, Moulds, Fungi & TVC

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