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TB 250 WL

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TB 250 WL

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Turbidity 0-1100 NTU

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The TB 250 WL (formerly TurbiCheck WL) Turbidity Meter provides accurate measurement of turbidity in the field or the laboratory. The instrument has a fully waterproof design and a simple keypad layout for ease of use.

An auto ranging function selects the appropriate measuring range without user interaction for further ease of use.

The TB 250 WL has a white Light source (as stipulated in EPA standard 180.1) with an estimated 7-10 year bulb life, and measures at 90 degree angle (as stipulated in ISO 7027).

The unit is supplied in a robust carry case with all necessary accessories for use including calibration standards.

  • Instrument in carrying case
  • 2 sample vials, 16mm dia
  • Turbidity Standards
  • Vial cleaning cloth
  • Batteries, 4 x AA
  • Vial Indexing Rings
  • Instructions and guarantee sheet
  Display   Large 4 digit 7 segmented LCD with specific characters
  Keypad   5 key polycarbonate membrane, acid and solvent resistant, splash proof
  Power Supply   4 x AA Alkaline batteries. Approx 20h continuous operation or 3500 tests
  Measurement Range   0.01-1100 NTU, automatic range selection
  Accuracy   ± 2% of reading (0-500 NTU)
± 3% of reading (500-1100 NTU)
Range Resolution
0-99.99 NTU 0.01 NTU
100.0-999.9 NTU 0.1 NTU
1000-1100 NTU 1.0 NTU
  Light Source   Tungsten lamp, 7-10 year bulb life
  Housing   ABS
  Dimensions   210 x 95 x 45 mm (unit)
390 x 295 x 106 mm (case)
  Weight   approx 0.45kg (base unit)
  Ambient Conditions   Temperature 0-50 ° C
Rel humidity 0-90%
  Auto Off   5 minutes after last keypress
  Conformity   CE

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Turbidity Secondary Standards Set


Turbidity Vials for Turbicheck WL, pack of 3

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