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Surface, Access and Liquid Sampler

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Surface, Access and Liquid Sampler

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RLU 0-9999

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- Real-Time ATP Monitoring
- Quick, easy and accurate
- Monitor cleanliness in sds
- Measures levels of organic matter and micro-organisms
- Detects surface or water borne contamination

When ATP contacts the firefly reagent luciferin luciferase, a reaction takes place that produces light. The ATP meter simply measures this light output. The higher the levels of organic matter and micro-organisms on a surface or in a water sample, the more ATP is present, and thus a greater intensity of light produced.

56B001190 : Surface Sampler

Consistency is the key to a successful sanitation monitoring program. AccuPoint's Surface Sampler is the perfect choice for consistent sampling of most food contact surfaces, from flat food prep areas to all types of processing equipment.

56B001290 : Access Sampler

AccuPoint's unique Access Sampler was created specifically for testing tight spaces, such as filler heads. The easy-to-use design provides consistently accurate results.

56B001390 : Liquid Sampler

AccuPoint's Liquid Samplers feature precision engineered collection pads and reagents to make them the samplers of choice for accurately sampling liquid for the presence of ATP.


56B001001: ATP Meter

56B001290: Surface Sampler

56B001290: Access Sampler

56B001390: Liquid Samper

Windows® Compatible Software

The unique design of the AccuPoint sampler allows greater sample precision and consistency.

Unlike traditional swabs, the sampler utilizes a large surface-area sample pad to extract ATP from the work surface.

- Intuitive symbols provide a universal interface
- Leading edge circuitry and enhanced silicon photo-diode
- LCD display of site name, number, group and test type
- User information selected and recorded with test results
- Up to 999 unique test sites can be accommodated
- Complete self-test at power-on
- Real-time random site selection
- USB interface for fast data transfer

Windows® Compatible Software

AccuPoint comes with Data Manager Software that allows users to:
- Upload results to a PC
- Create and print trend analysis graphs
- Keep a record of sanitation effectiveness to verify SSOPs
- Set pass/caution/fail levels
- Export data to spreadsheets

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