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Sulphate Reducing Dipslide

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Sulphate Reducing Dipslide

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SRB Indicative (nil to severe)

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- Determine aerobic and anaerobic bacteria levels
- Early indication of bacteria proliferation
- Results in 48 hours
- Inexpensive
- Easy-to-Use
- Excellent for trend analysis

When used correctly and incubated at a constant temperature using the Lovibond® incubator, they are excellent for trend analysis and can give an early indication of bacterial proliferation.

Guidelines to advise on the correct practices to control legionella bacteria in water systems exist world wide. Suppressing bacteria levels does substantially reduce the possibility of an outbreak of this often fatal disease. Guidelines recommend introducing a monitoring and control program. This program includes the testing of cooling tower waters with dipslides on a regular basis.

Dipslides have a working shelf life of 3-9 months.

Results are quantified by comparison to a standard density chart.

Dipslides are supplied in a cardboard carton containing 10 slides.

Sulphate Reducing Bacteria

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