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SensoDirect Con 200

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SensoDirect Con 200

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Conductivity 0-2000 µS/cm; 0-200 mS/cm
TDS 0-1999 mg/l
Salinity 0-70 g/kg

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The SensoDirect Con 200 has been replaced by the SD 320 Conductivity meter. We will continue to support the SensoDirect Con 200 with accessories and service options. Contact your local Tintometer® dealer for more information.

The SensoDirect Con 200 is a field or laboratory instrument for the measurement of Conductivity, TDS and Salinity. The unit is IP67 watertight and is supplied with a protective outer case and built-in electrode holder. The meter has a large screen allowing for accurate readings, a hold button to freeze the on-screen reading and an internal memory for storage and review of up to 20 data sets. Other features include temperature display, battery life indicator, electrode condition indicator, meter hanging support and lanyard.

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  Conductivity Ranges   0-200 μ S/cm
0-2000 μ S/cm
0-20 mS/cm
0-200 mS/cm
  TDS Range   0-1999 mg/l
  Salinity Range   0-70 g/kg
  Result Accuracy   ± 0.5% of result
± 0.5% of full scale
  Temperature Range   -0.5 to 100 ° C
23 to 212 ° F
  Temperature Accuracy   ± 0.3K
  Cell Constant   0.5 ± 0.1 cm-1
  Temperature Compensation   Linear 0.3 to 3.0%/K
Non-linear (in acc EN27 888)
  Reference Temperature   20 ° C and 25 °
  Calibration   1 point, Conductivity 1000 μ S/cm to 2000 μ S/cm
  Operating Temperature   Meter 0 to 50 ° C
Measuring Cell -5 to 80 ° C
  Power Supply   4 x 1.5 V batteries, Type AA
Operating Time up to 1500 hours
  Auto Off   Selectable, 0-120 minutes
  Conductivity Cell   4 pole cell with integrated temperature sensor with:
Graphite Electrode
Epoxy Shaft
Stainless Stell Temperature sensor
  Conformity   CE


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Conductivity Standard Solution 1413 uS/cm


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