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SensoDirect pH 110

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SensoDirect pH 110

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pH Value 0-14

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The SensoDirect pH 110 is a simple, easy-to-use, portable pH meter. Manual calibration, large display and result hold function make analysis and result interpretation easy.

The instrument is equipped as standard with a rugged protective casing for field use, and a built-in electrode holder for safe storage. A flip out stand is incorporated into the rear of the unit for bench top use.

The gel electrode supplied with the SensoDirect pH 110 is temperature resistant over the range 0 - 80 °C and is fitted with a BNC connector as standard.

  • SensoDirect pH 110 meter
  • Battery, 9V
  • pH buffer 4.0
  • pH buffer 7.0
  • pH electrode, plastic, type 110
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction manual and guarantee sheet
  Range   pH 0-14
  Resolution   0.01
  Temperature Compensation   Not necessary
pH4 - pH10 ± 0.1
pH1 - pH3.9 ± 0.2
pH10.1 - pH14 ± 0.2
  Ambient Conditions   0-50 ° C; 0-80% rel humidity (non condensing)
  Power Supply   Battery 9V
  Dimensions   208 x 110 x 34
  Weight   380g
  Conformity   CE

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Stock Code



pH Electrode type 110


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