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Resin Fouling

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Resin Fouling

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Iron 0-250 mg/l
Organic Fouling 0-9 OFU

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A compact test kit to evaluate the degree of iron fouling in cation exchange resins and organic fouling in anionic exchange resins.  Rapid assessment of resin quality will enable the operator to judge the effectiveness of any potential resin clean.  Identifying defective resin early means corrective action can be swift, resulting in minimal efficiency loss and reduced operational burden.

For the detection of resin damaging iron (ferric) and colloidal organic matter.

- Detects resin damaging iron (ferric) and colloidal organic matter
- Portable solutions for in-situ testing
- Increased efficiency, reduced operational costs
- Optional resin conversion kit

Iron Fouling:                      Range: 0-250mg/l as Fe
Organic Fouling:                Range: 0-9 OFU (organic fouling units)


Test kits are supplied in small portable carry cases and are self-contained, including everything required to complete the tests.

Sufficient reagents for between 25 and 100 tests.

Additional Ordering Information (to be ordered seperately)

56R002090 Resin Fouling Reagent Pack Tests/Pack
Includes: Hydrochloric Acid 25
  Alkaline Brine Reagent 25
  Ammonium Thiocyanate Reagent 100
  Ferric Iron Test 100


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