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Resin Capacity

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Resin Capacity

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Hydrogen 0-2.0 eq/l H form
Chlorine 0-1.2 eq/l Cl form

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Resin fouling or de-crosslinking of cation exchange resins by oxidative breakdown will significantly affect resin capacity.  For weakly and strongly basic anionic resins, an actual loss of strong base and total capacity respectively is the dominant mode of breakdown rather than loss of crosslinking (swelling). The regeneration capacity of working ion exchange resins and the capacity of new ion exchange resins can be determined using the Resin Capacity Test Kit.

Measurement of total ion exchange capacity of new resin (H+, OH- and Cl-) and the operational regeneration capacity of in-service resin (H+ and OH-).

- Detects resin damaging iron (ferric) and colloidal organic matter
- Portable solutions for in-situ testing
- Increased efficiency, reduced operational costs
- Optional resin conversion kit

Total Strong Acid Resin Capacity                Range:  0 – 2.0 eq/l H  form
Total Strong Base Resin Capacity               Range:  0 - 1.20eq/l Cl  form

Test kits are supplied in small portable carry cases and are self-contained, including everything required to complete the tests.

Sufficient reagents for between 25 and 100 tests.

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56R002190 Resin Capacity Reagent Pack Tests/Pack
Includes: Acidity Titration Test 100
  Chloride Test 100
  KN Reagent 100
  Sodium Bicarbonate 100
  Chlorine Titrant Cartridge 100


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