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Potable Water Check

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Potable Water Check

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Arsenic 0-100ug/l
Coliforms/E.Coli 1 CFU/100ml
Hardness 0-500mg/l
Nitrite 0-10mg/l
Nitrate 0-50mg/l
pH Value 4.5-10
TDS 0-5,000mg/l

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To determine the capacity loss of working resins it is firstly necessary to convert the resins to a standard form: chloride form for strongly basic anionic resins and hydrogen form for strongly acid cationic resins. The resin conversion test kit contains all equipment and reagents required for this conversion.   The regeneration capacity of working ion exchange resins and the capacity of new ion exchange resins can then be determined using the Resin Capacity Test Kit. 

- Enables compliance to WHO guidelines
- Integrated kit to test all required parameters
- Easy-to-follow testing process: no training required
- Suitable for use in rural communities without access to laboratories

The Lovibond® kits enable effective screening of water supplies for key indicators of faecal and agricultural contamination. The tests are simple to use and no operator training is required. However, it is important that the operator carries out all tests in a precise and competent manner, with due consideration for cleanliness at all times. Test have been carefully chosen so that they can be used in the more rural global locations, where access to laboratory facilities is limited.

World Health Organisation Guidelines

Summary table for the maximum tolerable concentration for both chemical and microbiological contaminants:

Summary Level  
Arsenic Limit 0.01mg/l (10µg/l)
E.coli Limit 0 CFU per 100ml
Hardness Ideal Less than 500mg/l
Nitrate Limit 50mg/l
Nitrite Limit 3mg/l
pH Ideal Range 6.5 to 9.5
TDS Ideal Less than 1500mg/l


Strongly Acid Cationic Resin   >   Hydrogen Form
Strongly Basic Anionic Resin  >   Chloride Form


Case Containing:

Code Product Range Tests/Pack
56S002150 Arsenic Colour Card Test 0-100µg/l 5
56B002125 Coliform/E.coli Test set - includes Detects 1 CFU per 100ml 25
  56B001425: Coliforms/E.coli test sachets   25
  56B001525: Thio Bags (with Thiosulphated)   25
56B001601 UV Lamp (battery operated) E.coli determination --
56S000950 Hardness Test Strips 0-500mg/l as CaCO3 50
56S001090 pH Test Strips pH 4.5-10 100
56S001890 Nitrite/Nitrate Test Strips 0-10/0-50mg/l NO2/NO3 100
56M000501 Total Dissolved Solids (TSD) Meter 0-5,000mg/l TDS --


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