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Oxidising Biocides

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Oxidising Biocides

Test / Range

Chlorine 0-6.0%, 0-75mg/l
Hydrogen Peroxide 15-5000mg/l
Peracetic 15-500mg/l

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For measuring a wide range of oxidising biocides, including available chlorine, iodine, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This kit can be used to ensure correct application of terminal disinfectants used extensively throughout the food and beverage industry.

Measurement Range:
0-6.0% Cl2; 0-75mg/l I2
Hydrogen Peroxide 15-5000mg/l
Peracetic Acid 15-500mg/l

Case Containing:

  • Titration Jar
  • Syringe
  • Reagents for 300+ tests

Accessories (to be ordered seperately)
56R003396 : Oxidising Biocides Reagent Pack Contains (300+ tests)
- Chlorine (Br2 + I2) Reagent Pack (100+ tests)
- Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent Pack (100+ tests)
- Peracetic Acid Reagent Pack (100+ tests)

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