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MD 200 2in1 Hydrogen Peroxide, pH

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MD 200 2in1 Hydrogen Peroxide, pH

Test / Range

Hydrogen Peroxide 1-500 mg/l
pH Value 6.5-8.4

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The MD 200 photometer can be used in practically any area of water analysis.
A waterproof (IP68) housing, high precision interference filters and LEDs used give robustness, reliability, accuracy and confidence in results.
A backlit screen, 4 button keypad, scroll memory function which saves the last used parameter, and one time zero for switching between methods make the unit easy to use and ideal for testing in any environment.
Results containing date and time can be stored in the on-board memory, and can also be downloaded via an infra-red unit (IRiM) for later review in excel or notepad.
With the added reliability of the Lovibond ® liquid reagents the MD 200 is the ideal choice for photometric Hydrogen Peroxide and pH testing.

  • Instrument in carrying case
  • 4 batteries (AA)
  • 3 Round vials (Glass) 24mm ∅ with lids
  • 3 Round vials (Glass) 16mm ∅ with lids
  • Liquid reagents for each test
  • Crushing / Stirring Rod
  • Guarantee sheet
  • Certificate (COC)
  • Instruction manual


  Optics   LEDs, interference filters (IF) and photo sensor in transparent sample chamber.
Depending on the version, up to 3 different interference filters are used.
Wavelength specifications of interference filters:
430 nm Δ λ = 5 nm
530 nm Δ λ = 5 nm
560 nm Δ λ = 5 nm
580 nm Δ λ = 5 nm
610 nm Δ λ = 6 nm
660 nm Δ λ = 5 nm
  Wavelength Accuracy   ± 1 nm
  Photometric Accuracy   3% FS (T = 20°C - 25°C)
  Photometric Resolution   0.01 mg/l
  Power Supply   4 AA batteries, capacity approx. 53 hours or 15000 tests (without backlight)
  Auto - OFF   automatic switch-off
  Display   backlit LCD (on keypress)
  Storage   internal ring memory for 16 data sets
  Interfaces   Infrared interface for test data transfer
  Additional feature   real time clock and date
  Calibration   factory calibration and user calibration. Reset to factory calibration possible
  Dimensions   190 x 110 x 55 mm (L x W x H)
  Weight   basic unit approx. 455 g
  Environmental conditions   Temperature: 5 - 40 °C rel. humidity: 30 -90% (non condensing)
  Conformity   CE; tested with standard solutions


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Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent Solution

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