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BD 600

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BD 600

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BOD 0-4000 mg/l

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The Lovibond® BD 600 is a Manometric, respirometric BOD measurement system. Manometric respirometers relate oxygen uptake to the change in pressure caused by oxygen consumption while maintaining a constant volume. Thanks to the modern integral pressure sensors, it is no longer necessary to use mercury for pressure measurements.

The new system has been specifically designed for use in laboratories, treatment and purification plants with automatic BOD measurement at customizable intervals (over 2 to 28 days). Results are continuously monitored and displayed on the large screen with easy-to-monitor graphical representation of measured values. Flexibility is paramount with individual programming of each of the six sample bottles and data transfer via USB or SD Card. Designed to work with the Lovibond® TC Series of thermostatically controlled incubators, the remote control functionality enables adjustments to be made even through a closed glass door.

The unit is a 6 sample system that allows precise measurements of BOD from 1 to 28 days. Data is stored in the individual sensor heads, so it is possible to remove and reposition the bottles without losing vital data. By using different volumes of sample, the OxiDirect is capable of measuring from 0 to 4000 mg/l without the need to dilute the sample. Overflow measuring flasks are supplied with the unit, and a full range of flasks are available. BOD CM Tablets, which can be used to verify the validity of results, can also be supplied.

The unit is easy to use and set up using scrolling menus on the LCD display. Results can be monitored throughout the analysis period to ensure accurate analysis. With a selectable automatic start function, variations in sample temperature prior to testing can be eliminated, as the unit will begin the analysis period only when the temperature is constant. Such variations would normally cause errors during manometric measurement.

An inductive stirring unit is also supplied to provide consant mixing of the sample over the analysis period.

  • Lovibond® BD 600
  • Graphical representation of measured values
  • 1 x remote control
  • 6 x sensor heads
  • 3 x batteries, alkaline-manganese, type C
  • Inductive stirring unit with power supply
  • 6 x Sample bottles
  • 6 x Rubber gaskets
  • 6 x Magnetic stirring rods
  • Overflow flask, 157ml
  • Overflow flask, 428ml
  • 1 x bottle, 50ml potassium hydoxide solution
  • 1 x bottle, 50ml nitrification inhibitor solution
  • Instruction manual
  Measurement principle   Manometric; mercury-free;
electronic pressure sensor
  Result display   BOD [mg/l]; 4 - digits;
7 - segment LED
  Measurement parameter display   BOD-range, volume, duration, time of measurement
  Measurement period   User-selectable, between 1 and 28 days
  Auto result storage   Up to 28 results, depending on measurement period
  Storage interval   - hourly (1 day); - every 2 hours (2 days); - daily (3-28 days)
  Automatic start function   After temperature equalisation of samples; - Can be switched off
  Power supply   3 alkaline-manganese batteries ("Baby" cells/size "C")
  Battery life   1 year (normal use as BOD5 meter - max. one reading a day); early warning before battery fails
  Interface   RS 232 for printer or PC connection
  Clock   Real-time clock
  Protection class   IP 54 (sensor head)
  Dimensions   375 x 195 x 230 mm (L x W x H) including stirring unit
  Weight   3850 g, unit with bottles 5750 g, complete with stirring unit
  Housing   ABS
  Conformity   CE
  Measurement Ranges  
Range, mg/l BOD Sample Volume, ml
0-40 428
0-80 360
0-200 244
0-400 157
0-800 94
0-2000 56
0-4000 21.7

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Sensor Head


BOD Sample Bottle


BOD Sample Bottles, set of 6


Inductive Stirring System


Stirring Rod


Stirrer Bar Remover


BOD Bottle Rubber Gasket


Potassium Hydroxide Solution


Nitrification Inhibitor (N-ATH)


BOD Overflow Flask, 21.7 ml


BOD Overflow Flask, 56 ml


BOD Overflow Flask, 94 ml


BOD Overflow Flask, 157 ml


BOD Overflow Flask, 244 ml


BOD Overflow Flask, 360 ml


BOD Overflow Flask, 428 ml


BOD Overflow Flasks, set


Test Set, BOD


USB Cable





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