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EC 2000 Pt-Co

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EC 2000 Pt-Co

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Platinum-Cobalt / Hazen 0 - 500

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The Lovibond® EComparator Series provides an easy way to transition from subjective visual measurement to a non-subjective, accurate electronic measurement.

Occasionally, those who are used to the traditional comparator series sometimes find the upgrade or transition to an electronic system daunting. The assurance of relying on physical colour difference is diminished.

With the EComparator Series, viewers can view the colour difference with a simple click of a button to switch between:
On-Screen Colour
On-Screen Numerical Display

Touch screen technology makes the EComparator Series easily programmable with instinctive menus on screen. Users can set language, date and time, view preferences and create projects with individual tolerance settings. An on-screen warning system of:
Within Tolerance = Green
Outside Tolerance = Red
On Border of Tolerance = Amber
provides the user with immediate information on the sample.


  • Instrument in carrying case
  • 4 batteries (AA)
  • 3 x 50mm W100 (plastic) cells
  • 1 x 50mm W100 (OG) cell
  • 1 x Glass Standard
  • 1 x 60ml bottle Validation Standard
  • Instruction manual
Light Source     White LED (25 year lifetime)
Sensors     Tristimulus Detectors, Reference and Sample
 Display              Size:
  3.5 inch
24 Bit (True Colour)
Touchscreen     Resistive
Keypad     3 key tactile membrane
Sample Chamber Cell Type Filters   W100 Spectrophotometer
EC Range Holders
Casing Material
  Flame Retardant ABS
W 106mm x D 210mm x H 57mm
Power Sources
  USB or Battery
4 x AA
Interfaces     USB 2.0 (mini USB receptacle)
Data Storage     > 20,000 readings
Temperature     Max Sample Temperature = 80°C


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