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DI 10 Incubator

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DI 10 Incubator

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The Lovibond® DI 10 incubator is equally applicable for incubation applications on-site, in a laboratory or when mobile in a car or van.

Dipslides provide a crucial part in the testing program when used regularly as part of a planned regime, week on week. The incubation period and the incubation temperature should be the same each time the test is performed so that bacteria growth is controlled.

The DI 10 enables effective microbiological monitoring of cooling water in accordance with the many European and National guidelines.

Low Voltage (12V)

Wide Temperature Range - Ambient +5 to 40°C (+/- 0.5°C)

Uniform Temperature (fan assisted)

LCD Temperature Display with up/down push button control

Rapid heating times for fast testing

External Status LEDs

Universal (100-240V) via external power supply

Additional Accessory : in-car (12V) power adaptor (Part Number 190170) 

DI 10 Incubator

Power Supply

Instruction Manual

Additional Accessory : in-car (12V) power adaptor (Part Number 190170)

Dimensions: (w)246 x (d)215 x (h)162 mm

Weight: 1.7Kg

Operating Voltage: 12V

Input Voltage: 12V/110V/240V (via external power supply)

Display: 1 x 16 bit Backlit LCD

Capacity: 12 dipslides / 10 quanti-discs

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