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Cooling Water (Open System) - Engineers Case

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Cooling Water (Open System) - Engineers Case

Test / Range

Alkalinity 50-600mg/l
Bromine 0-5mg/l
Chloride 20-400mg/l
Calcium Hardness 5-600mg/l
Hardness Total 5-600mg/l
Iron 0-1mg/l
Phosphonate 4-20mg/l
pH Value 0-14.00
Conductivity 0-20,000uS
Temperature 0-100C

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Cooling Test Kit for complete analysis - iead for service engineers

- Monitor parameters quickly, safely and accurately
- Ensures optimum output and efficiency
- Enhanced kit for service engineers

See also the Lovibond® Kit 1 for easy daily analysis.

Case Containing:

Code Product Range Tests/Pack
56R003790 M Alkalinity Drop Test 50-600 mg/l CaCO3 100+
146280W Bromine CHECKIT® Comparator Disc 0-5 mg/l Br2 --
511310BT Bromine CHECKIT® Reagent Pack 0-5 mg/l Br2 100
56R005090 Chloride Drop Test 20-400 mg/l Cl- 100+
56R006290 Hardness (Calcium) Drop Test 5-600 mg/l CaCO3 100+
56R006690 Hardness (Total) Drop Test 5-600 mg/l CaCO3 100+
146220W Iron LR CHECKIT® Comparator Disc 0-1 mg/l Fe --
56R020790 Iron LR CHECKIT® Reagent Pack 0-1 mg/l Fe 250
56R008350 Phosphonate Drop Test 4-20 mg/l H.E.D.P. 50
194800 SD 50 Hand-Held pH Meter pH 0-14.00 --
194802 SD 70 Hand-Held Conductivity & Temperature Meter 0-20,000µS, 0-100°C


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