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Cooling Water LPHW Chilled Kit Complete

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Cooling Water LPHW Chilled Kit Complete

Test / Range

Iron 0-1mg/l
Molybdate 25-400mg/l
Nitrite 10-2000mg/l
pH Value 0-14.00
Conductivity 0-20,000uS
Temperature 0-100C

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- Complete analysis kit including Molybdate, Iron and Conductivity
- Prevents Corrosion and Scale
- Accurate inhibitor dosage rates
- Reproducible, accurate results
- Antifreeze/glycol option

Closed water systems are sealed entities, designed to distribute hot or chilled water, often as part of a manufacturing process.

These systems are particularly susceptible to corrosion and scale if not properly treated. Care must be taken when selecting the measurement system/chemistry used as inhibitor does rates are high, making the aqueous environment particularly aggressive.

Case Containing:

Code Product Range Tests/Pack
146220W Iron LR CHECKIT® Comparator Disc 0-1 mg/l Fe --
56R020790 Iron LR CHECKIT® Reagent Pack 0-1 mg/l Fe 250
56R007590 Molybdate Drop Test 25-400 mg/l MoO4 100+
56R007990 Nitrite Drop Test 10-2000 mg/l NaNO2 100+
194800 SD 50 Hand-held pH Meter pH 0-14.00 --
194802 SD 70 Hand-held Conductivity & Temperature Meter 0-20,000µS, 0-100°C --

For Antifreeze (Glycol) Measurement:

Add a refractometer to the above kit for quick and easy antifreeze dertermination. Order Code 56M000401.

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