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Coliform/E.coli Test Kit

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Coliform/E.coli Test Kit

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Coliforms/E.Coli Absence/Presence (sensitivity 1CFU/100ml)

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The test uses a pre-dispensed dry blended reagent formulation for total coliform and E.coli. Positive samples are detected by a visible colour change. Performing the coliform test is simple. Add one sachet to 100ml of water, incubate and note the colour change. The formulation of a yellow colour in 24 hours or less indicates the presence of total coliforms. Positive tubes are then checked for the presence of E.coli by looking for fluorescence under UV light.

A simple, reliable technique which enables the rapid, confirmed enumeration of both total coliforms and pathogenic E.coli.

The Lovibond® DI 10 dipslide incubator is ideal for correct incubation of samples prior to reading.

Code    Article Tests/Pack
56B002125   Coliform/E.coli test set (includes 25 test sachets & 25 sample bags 25
56B001425   Coliform/E.coli sachets 25
56B001525   100ml Sample Bags (with thiosulphate) 25
56B001601   UV Lamp (battery operated) --

Optional Extra

56B000701 DI 10 Dipslide Incubator



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