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Burette Titrator

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Burette Titrator

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Acidity 0.01-5%
Alkalinity Total 10-2000mg/l
Chloride 50-2000mg/l
Chlorine (free) 100-5000mg/l
Hardness Total 10-2000mg/l
Nitrite 10-2000mg/l
Sulphite 10-100mg/l

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10ml Burette including reservoir, jet and valve.

For use with the following Test Packs, each pack containing 1 x 250ml titrant plus appropriate indicators / buffers to perform the analysis:


Pack Code Description Range Tests/Pack
56R012050 Acidity Burette Reagent Pack 0.01-5% H2SO4 50+
56R012150 Alkalinity (P, M, OH) Burette Reagent Pack 10-2000mg/l CaCO3 50+
56R012250 Chloride Burette Reagent Pack 50-2000mg/l Cl- 50+
56R012350 Chlorine (Available) Burette Reagent Pack 100-5000mg/l Cl2 50+
56R012450 Hardness (Calcium & Magnesium) Burette Reagent Pack 100-2000mg/l CaCO3 50+
56R012550 Nitrite Burette Reagent Pack 10-2000mg/l NaNO2 50+
56R012650 Sulphite Burette Reagent Pack 10-100mg/l Na2SO3 50+


10ml Burette including reservoir, jet and valve.

Accessories Include (to be ordered seperately)

Pack Code Description Qty/Pack
56A006401 150ml flask 1
56A006501 Syringe, 20ml, plastic 1
56A006601 Stirring/crushing rod - plastic 1
56A006701 60ml Plastic Titration Jar with Cap 1


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