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Bardac 22

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Bardac 22

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Bardac 22 0-15 mg/l

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Bardac 22 Test Kit (Lonza Biocides)
- Disposable kit for approximately 100 tests
- Control microbiological activity
- Measure biocide levels in minuts
- Designed for use by non-technical personnel
- Ensure environmental bleed concentrations are met

The Lovibond® non-oxidising biocide test kits are based on novel colorimetric or titrimetric procedures and are designed for use by non-technical persons as a site-based aid. Accurate biocide levels can be measure in minutes to ensure continued system control.

Box Containing:

Bardac 22 Colour Charg
1ml Disposable Pipette
Small glass jar & cap
Reagents for approximately 100 tests

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