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Pool and Spa Water Testing

Remember The Three Rs: Read – Record – React (Download)

The importance of proper training and procedures when it comes to making sure swimming pool water is safe

Top Tips for a Pristine Pool (Download)

Even if you go through all the right motions and follow all the guidelines, one very simple – yet surprisingly common – oversight will destroy the accuracy of your pool water analysis.

The Ripple Effect – Using the Wrong Tablet Can Have Major Impact (Download)

To ensure optimum bather comfort and crystal clear pool water, testing must be performed at regular intervals using recognised and accurate testing systems.

Selecting the Right Instrument (Download)

Guidelines to selecting the correct water analysis equipment for specific applications.

Environmental Analysis

In-House Water Sampling Contributes to huge Cost Savings in Today’s Industry (Download)

Water analysis is about more than health & safety or regulatory compliance, this article explains how regular monitoring contributes to a healthier cost balance in today’s market.

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