Lovibond® Water Testing Tintometer® Group

April 2017 - Member of Parliament Visit

Friday, 17th March, saw an important visit by the MP for Salisbury and South Wiltshire, Mr John Glen, to his constituency in Amesbury. The Tintometer Ltd welcomed him to Lovibond House to meet the team of one of the largest employers in this area. The Board also utilized the occasion to question him on important issues pertaining to running the business from the proposed expansion of the A303 and, naturally, Brexit negotiations. As a major world-wide exporter of colour measurement and water analysis products, The Tintometer Ltd has an invested interest in the future of international trade.

Mr Glen then had the opportunity to tour the facilities and meet many of the employees, learning about the Lovibond® brand, its history, the instruments and glass production.

“It was a great pleasure to visit The Tintometer Ltd on Friday. I was able to understand the origins and development of the business and the opportunities that exist in the current climate,” explained Glen. “We had a constructive conversation on the challenges of securing the best possible deal for business following the referendum result. I recognise the Board’s need to ensure that access to Tintometer’s biggest markets in Europe is retained with as little uncertainty as possible. I was impressed with the focus and vision of the leadership and the very large number of Tintometer’s staff who have worked in the business for over 25 years; this fact told me that the company must be a great place to work! I wish Tintometer well in the future and hope there plans for product and business development are realised. I stand ready to support them and their employees now and into the future”.

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